Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aug 06,2008 says me to start to punch in few lines with keyboards

The way Mumbai rains is relentlessly pouring to wet the heart of city,urban,suburban and extended stretch of once 'seven islands', it has ignited me to start jotting every day a bit... at least till the monsoon doesn't get over or may be till post monsoon and who knows may be all the year continuous punch of soft, mild, moderate, neutralized, self censored or may be hard or straight lines of experience life has started giving me as a daily wage.
So I am all set to launch now..on blog launch pad... may be gradually it will be whole lot...expecting to complete my 'Down to the harbour line' novel soon, which is still in incubation lying sleepy in the hard drive of my laptop.

1 comment:

Rahul said...

Good to see your initial scribble. I would love to read more on your blog and also eagerly awaiting "Down the harbour line".
I know this book will be a good mirror for me to know how I am.

Keep up the good work and keep smiling :)