Monday, August 11, 2008

Murky of Independence

Sleeping and sobbing time ahead seems. Same routine but splashes of monsoon are still on. see the glory of winning gold medal in Olympic 08, it shines anyway. Bindra's son who has been gifted Rs 200 crore splendid five star hotel in Dehradun by his father, is again poured with lakhs of rupees awards from Karnataka, Maharastra, Orrisa and Punjab state governments really sucks ... these state governments wastes our exchequer money and you know whats amazing in all this, when announcing these awards these state governments cannot see the farmers dying in Vidharbha region or poverty laden Orrisa or villages of north east where still light, transport and education are dreams far away.
Can at least one morning start with the gleam of proud and positivity when I can see through the vista of happiness towards the narrow to narrower roads of mumbai sub-urban, and they could start turning to NHs.
The level of contrast is very striking in this cosmo city. It seems it has started fading its vibrant and rich multicolored culture.
You have issues you may feel enthralled and there may be some happening which may dampen your yo yo spirit to nay nay. Feeling the apathy of the nation where there are no takers for Anna Hazare, G R Kahirnaar, Baba Amte and his son and daughter in law, who have been awarded with Magsaysay Award, no wonder there was not even half hour program on any 24X7 channels on that .
Probably one day it would be difficult to find a human being in this complex world where everyday the level of tolerance is diminishing away more faster then the ice of northern hemisphere, and yes sadly ...this is how the world has started shaping.
I no more feel proud to be as Indian... Really .. though I have been groomed in pro Rastriya Swayamsewak Sangh educational school till my primary education... I would be rather proud to sport myself as a Russian, where patriotism is always treated with respect and any other trivial sentiments and every separatism is treated with true spirit of nationalism like recent 2000 killing in Georgia, but I guess thats nothing when it comes to a nation as a whole. In that nation at least you will be remembered as true nationalist.After 62 years of freedom if one have to fear everyday about unexpected explosions while commuting, better to label our country as free nation where you can be miscreant at your best, without fearing a least about being catched… funny..
I see India divided based on caste, creed and language, so the image of India as "Incredible Indiyeah", I am unable to portray. Its something like you live in this great historic nation with the thought that 'life has started throwing lemons at me, so I have started making lemonade...',only this can make u feel happy ....
More in next blog....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aug 06,2008 says me to start to punch in few lines with keyboards

The way Mumbai rains is relentlessly pouring to wet the heart of city,urban,suburban and extended stretch of once 'seven islands', it has ignited me to start jotting every day a bit... at least till the monsoon doesn't get over or may be till post monsoon and who knows may be all the year continuous punch of soft, mild, moderate, neutralized, self censored or may be hard or straight lines of experience life has started giving me as a daily wage.
So I am all set to launch now..on blog launch pad... may be gradually it will be whole lot...expecting to complete my 'Down to the harbour line' novel soon, which is still in incubation lying sleepy in the hard drive of my laptop.