Thursday, November 26, 2009

Something black and white

...The core faith to live in happiness and joy is being acknowledged by 26/11 first anniversary. On 26th Nov 08 night, I slept at 1:30 AM as like everyone else was hooked to media channels' feed. Next day it was hard to believe that south mumbai is in war like situation. Now its 26/11 2009.For some families, everything has changed.. from there believe in God to Government, from awesome life to a life less with some one priceless. That unfateful night may have marred & shattered the dreams of many of the families with the wounds of pain and sorrow, but the aftermath reaction were overwhelming showing the gleam of unity and one ness. Today it moves me into tears with gratitude for the Ombale`s girl, who has refused to take the money for the bravemanship her father had shown. That still give me faith that one day there will be victory of goodness over evils. It all uplift the sprit of being a human when we see people sharing their sorrows regardless of the dialect they speak, nationality they own but shatters the same when still Mrs Karkare asks for justice; Pain utters in feelings like 'Everyone wants Saheed Bhagat Singh but in neighbor’s house'; or victims have to run from piller to post to get componsesation which can never be price taged for their loved ones sacrifice.
Today the smoke of fear of diminishing unity has engulfed me and the same fear frightens me in the form of divisive politics where our constitutional law makers doesnt know how to speak the language of the the same line,what would happen if I sport the feeling of being an INDIAN. Its all so complex and hurting. No one wants to change the system but wants to adjust himself to the system. I am still confused and rebel quite a time and ends up in the intangible loss of childhood nurtured morals. Others may wish to visit temples, mosques or other peace facilitation centers but my devotion goes to the real life Gods` families ... Ombale`s honest family or Proud father of Unnikrishnan or braveheart Karkare,Kamte and Salaskar`s wives or any other unsung heroes families who just laid their lives for the call of duty. May their auras will reinstate those partially depleted moral and ethical values in everyone who are loosing faith in the nation we have started calling as 'Incredible India'.
I do infrequent blogging now a days as compilation of first collection of short stories is shouting at me for being too lazy. But today was the day to salute those souls who laid their life for our today & tomorrows.. so just thought to tribute in my way of venting the anger.
I am glad that my question was picked by Rajdeep Sardesai in India Interacts with Home Minister @ CNN IBN.It was about the expenditure of our hard earned tax payers money for Kasab trail while real victims are still waiting for compensation.Plus I also raised the question to him about having some law like Patriot Act as in US and making one year compulsory Army training for every Indian including politicians.. Though the question was moderated by moderator team to blunt out the sharpness.. but dunno how much India was satisfied with Home Minister`s answer.
As a matter of sigh and relief which comes from the sense of pride of few statesmen like Ujjwal Nikam, Kirit Somaiya, Rahul Bose and M. S. Bitta who have got high esteem in public for advocating justice & humanity. May everyone affected by this tragedy get solace, peace and the sense of ONENESS & SUPPORT that...yes...we INDIAN as a nation are all united ..
regardless of the languages we speak,
races we belong to,
colors & shades our skin is toned to
ethnicity as it has transcended from our traditons
like never before...we adore ONE HUMANITY - ONE NATION - ONE WORLD.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ripleys believe it or not- Satyam

The satyam saga is still haunting every one of us who belong to fraternity of computer geeks. With Rs 7000 crores siphoned money, now the honorable CEO says that he was lying for consequtive 8 years and cheating with 50,000 employees fate. Its not the one Ramalinga, but the group of conmen who have stabbed the shining of Indian corporate world.
The utter shame is that the rhino skinned government says that it cannot arrest Ramalinga Raju. I was looking at the way C B Bhave was uttering what action SEBI can take action against the fraudulent. Sir your word speaks for your action. At least say something which could give hope to everyone that yes Satyam chapter will not be alike story of Harshad Mehta or another Telgi. I have never noticed any one speaking with the vibe like Kiran Bedi speaks when she was in public service or when she is service of public now. Just a bit of that if not more.
Alas, our Commerce and Industry minister Kamalnath ji says that government can only look at the regulatory part not at the corporate governance. Sir, I have a simple question for you: How long you will keep your answers ready which serve your interest best. When it comes to money collection for election campaign all the political parties are equally hell bent in front of corporate houses,so it would be equal to living in fools paradise if you could talk honesty at all. No wonder Ramalinga chapter will be closed like any another finance fraud of the past. Don’t take me as perfectionist. But at least have a reasonable quotient of it, please.
If you fail once in study, you will get second chance to prove yourself. Your parents will not hesitate to disclose and give you public humiliation for betterment so that your failure can turn into success. If it had been for one or two years, acceptable… but not for eight years of dark lie, this has caused a big dent on the image of IT industry. Here the failure, repeated for consecutively for last 8 years kept muted and you say your company board members or ICAI was not known about it. It was only in your acknowledgement. Are you telling this story to Ram Gopal Verma?
For me you are criminal, who have killed dreams of many youths and haven’t even thought once that how you could sleep by giving sleepless nights to 50000 dreamers. 
I cannot name the all but certainly the partners in crime are without any doubt are greedy human beings either in political sphere, corporate sphere or few in auditors world. The pollution has started from the black sheep who are sitting in white clothes to the big circular house in Raisina Road. So now accept the truth of dying honestly at a greater rate then the rate of global warming which will cause earlier demise of humanity if not of the human being. Let’s accept it even though with closed eyes.
You are entitled to exercise your right to agree and disagree with my opinion.
Its high time to rethink and revitalize the basics of running a successful house, family or corporate, which are same as they were at their birth, with a tangible amount of honesty.

Friday, September 19, 2008

wonderfull Indiyeah from Rajdhani

Mumbai central... I ate bread Omlet and had one big bottle of mineral water,expecting I may reuse it while en route to delhi.Actually I have never travelled from City of Dreams to captivating capital Delhi. One hour long waiting and helplessly watching bored advertisements with their loud sound,I was desperately waiting for Rajdhani to come. Like most of the youth mind I also keep the universal opinion about the public system, and was not known that Rajhdhani is managed by Private contractors.6, AS-3 I just reached there,this was the first time that I was travelling with only one air bag with one small piggy bag which was stuffed with friday's news paper,my iPod and one contemporary book.Books and wines are my passion.Though most of the time I go for first passion. Reason number one: Most of the time its less costly reason number two, you need not to convince anyone about the benefit of readings. For second passion, yes you need to be convincing evidence of celebration. Though I am not connsousore.See how the self defence has started itself.I adjusted my bag and waited for my charming luck if I could get accompany of good co passengers.Next entry to my berth was of Mr Varun and his wife.I made a quick judgement that they were recently married as I saw the lady`s palm with red impressions of hina.'Rony, you need not go ahead until I wont be saying you to do so',little boy of 5 years just ran before his mother could catch hold of him.
"Hi I am Uma and he is my son Rony".
Interruption again "Rony mumma is saying something to you,and if you want that mumma should not talk to you then its fine".
Uma: I thought you three know each other"
Me: No we are just co passengers and now we have started knowing each other"
Uma: dont, ein unartiger Junge sein.Onkel beobachtet Sie.(Dont be naughty boy,Uncle is watching you."
Me:Hey Rony,I am Pradeep! How r u?"
Rony:(with big and bright smile) I am fine thank you.Uncle do you know where is the monkey?"
Me: "Ya he is outside of this station and the moment you wont listen mom, he will come inside."
Uma: "He is very talkative. You will feel bore after a time.So dont entertain him when you feel you are getting bored."
Rony: "Mumma, Ich will davon pissen.(I wanna pee off)".
Uma: Wait let me adjust the baggage.We will go. Okey"
We all got a break when Rony went for loo.Probably this is the way now a days someone who love talking makes a start.
Varun: "Nice watch"
Me: "Thanks, My sister gifted it to me."
Me: "(After a pause of 2 minutes)You look like Rajeev Gandhi."
Varun laughed and then he introduced about himself that he works with JP Morgan in finance department and going for a short trip to delhi with his wife.
Later on Varun and me we both had short conversation about life in mumbai,job,investments(SIP/Mutual Funds) and marriage.Rony was in.
Rony: "Uncle,I want to do push ups."
Varun took the call and he got engaged with him for next 1 hour.Uma started formal introduction.
She was on short visit to India and was married to some German gentleman.Business communication in English was her profession there in Germany.One more person was in. Running with his 45,he was probably either some big businessman from small town.whenever he was in conversation with any of us it was short and in Hindi.Rajdhani gotta speed. It was 120 KM per hour. It has really reminded me about the minimum threshold speed of car in USA.It had given me a sense as I was able to sneak outside of the black glass pane.
Suddenly there was a Kishore kumar song was on track in background .. much to my surprise.But it was something which I really liked,especially when iPod or Cell run short of battery power to entertain you.The whole journey became so nice with the beautiful landscape of dusty mountains with little patches of bushes and trees and with few herds grazing.
There were caws,sheeps,hourses,hens n birds and beasts and a lot many, this was Rony pandora box of small animal kingdom world. He opened his bag and strated playing with them with due invitation to me.
It was a game of one hour when he was busy in arranging all his toys on and off on the food table next to berth.Despite all the best logic one may apply,nobody was able to persuade him to put the Animal Kingdom inside his bag again.
Me: "Rony See the little cow want to sleep now in dark."
Rony: "Does she say so?"
Me: "Absolutely.I just heard. She is tired and want to really sleep."
I think that was the punchline which hitted the half german- half indian Rony.
I asked his Mom when he is gonna to sleep,she said it usually happens when he is not talking.To much of my surprise next morning everyone woke up with his sweet voice.Rajdhani gives you comfortable landing in Delhi in morning hours.
It was 14 hours short journey with the forst ever feeling of comfortable jouney in Indian Railways.
I arrived in Delhi.I have been in Delhi and Mumbai both the cities.Each has got its own feel good and feel bad factors.
Common mumbaikars are very cosmopolitan,supportive and honest.To make the distinction to this,it excludes those who are forerunner in rampaging news vendors,hawkers and migrants.
But the infrastructure is so poor and bad that its really a struggle to travel.Need not to repeat where tax payer money goes ..and currupt politicians.
Delhi is exceptionally good in basic infrastructure,flyovers,metros and more.But it dampens all the spirit of enjoying when we see the labelling of crime capital overshadowing all this.
I came out of the New Delhi railway station has opened his pandora box of whole animals........


jetzt seine Zeitzeit, um zu schlafen, um Onkel gute Nacht Zu its time time to sleep, Say uncle good night.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Murky of Independence

Sleeping and sobbing time ahead seems. Same routine but splashes of monsoon are still on. see the glory of winning gold medal in Olympic 08, it shines anyway. Bindra's son who has been gifted Rs 200 crore splendid five star hotel in Dehradun by his father, is again poured with lakhs of rupees awards from Karnataka, Maharastra, Orrisa and Punjab state governments really sucks ... these state governments wastes our exchequer money and you know whats amazing in all this, when announcing these awards these state governments cannot see the farmers dying in Vidharbha region or poverty laden Orrisa or villages of north east where still light, transport and education are dreams far away.
Can at least one morning start with the gleam of proud and positivity when I can see through the vista of happiness towards the narrow to narrower roads of mumbai sub-urban, and they could start turning to NHs.
The level of contrast is very striking in this cosmo city. It seems it has started fading its vibrant and rich multicolored culture.
You have issues you may feel enthralled and there may be some happening which may dampen your yo yo spirit to nay nay. Feeling the apathy of the nation where there are no takers for Anna Hazare, G R Kahirnaar, Baba Amte and his son and daughter in law, who have been awarded with Magsaysay Award, no wonder there was not even half hour program on any 24X7 channels on that .
Probably one day it would be difficult to find a human being in this complex world where everyday the level of tolerance is diminishing away more faster then the ice of northern hemisphere, and yes sadly ...this is how the world has started shaping.
I no more feel proud to be as Indian... Really .. though I have been groomed in pro Rastriya Swayamsewak Sangh educational school till my primary education... I would be rather proud to sport myself as a Russian, where patriotism is always treated with respect and any other trivial sentiments and every separatism is treated with true spirit of nationalism like recent 2000 killing in Georgia, but I guess thats nothing when it comes to a nation as a whole. In that nation at least you will be remembered as true nationalist.After 62 years of freedom if one have to fear everyday about unexpected explosions while commuting, better to label our country as free nation where you can be miscreant at your best, without fearing a least about being catched… funny..
I see India divided based on caste, creed and language, so the image of India as "Incredible Indiyeah", I am unable to portray. Its something like you live in this great historic nation with the thought that 'life has started throwing lemons at me, so I have started making lemonade...',only this can make u feel happy ....
More in next blog....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aug 06,2008 says me to start to punch in few lines with keyboards

The way Mumbai rains is relentlessly pouring to wet the heart of city,urban,suburban and extended stretch of once 'seven islands', it has ignited me to start jotting every day a bit... at least till the monsoon doesn't get over or may be till post monsoon and who knows may be all the year continuous punch of soft, mild, moderate, neutralized, self censored or may be hard or straight lines of experience life has started giving me as a daily wage.
So I am all set to launch now..on blog launch pad... may be gradually it will be whole lot...expecting to complete my 'Down to the harbour line' novel soon, which is still in incubation lying sleepy in the hard drive of my laptop.