Thursday, November 26, 2009

Something black and white

...The core faith to live in happiness and joy is being acknowledged by 26/11 first anniversary. On 26th Nov 08 night, I slept at 1:30 AM as like everyone else was hooked to media channels' feed. Next day it was hard to believe that south mumbai is in war like situation. Now its 26/11 2009.For some families, everything has changed.. from there believe in God to Government, from awesome life to a life less with some one priceless. That unfateful night may have marred & shattered the dreams of many of the families with the wounds of pain and sorrow, but the aftermath reaction were overwhelming showing the gleam of unity and one ness. Today it moves me into tears with gratitude for the Ombale`s girl, who has refused to take the money for the bravemanship her father had shown. That still give me faith that one day there will be victory of goodness over evils. It all uplift the sprit of being a human when we see people sharing their sorrows regardless of the dialect they speak, nationality they own but shatters the same when still Mrs Karkare asks for justice; Pain utters in feelings like 'Everyone wants Saheed Bhagat Singh but in neighbor’s house'; or victims have to run from piller to post to get componsesation which can never be price taged for their loved ones sacrifice.
Today the smoke of fear of diminishing unity has engulfed me and the same fear frightens me in the form of divisive politics where our constitutional law makers doesnt know how to speak the language of the the same line,what would happen if I sport the feeling of being an INDIAN. Its all so complex and hurting. No one wants to change the system but wants to adjust himself to the system. I am still confused and rebel quite a time and ends up in the intangible loss of childhood nurtured morals. Others may wish to visit temples, mosques or other peace facilitation centers but my devotion goes to the real life Gods` families ... Ombale`s honest family or Proud father of Unnikrishnan or braveheart Karkare,Kamte and Salaskar`s wives or any other unsung heroes families who just laid their lives for the call of duty. May their auras will reinstate those partially depleted moral and ethical values in everyone who are loosing faith in the nation we have started calling as 'Incredible India'.
I do infrequent blogging now a days as compilation of first collection of short stories is shouting at me for being too lazy. But today was the day to salute those souls who laid their life for our today & tomorrows.. so just thought to tribute in my way of venting the anger.
I am glad that my question was picked by Rajdeep Sardesai in India Interacts with Home Minister @ CNN IBN.It was about the expenditure of our hard earned tax payers money for Kasab trail while real victims are still waiting for compensation.Plus I also raised the question to him about having some law like Patriot Act as in US and making one year compulsory Army training for every Indian including politicians.. Though the question was moderated by moderator team to blunt out the sharpness.. but dunno how much India was satisfied with Home Minister`s answer.
As a matter of sigh and relief which comes from the sense of pride of few statesmen like Ujjwal Nikam, Kirit Somaiya, Rahul Bose and M. S. Bitta who have got high esteem in public for advocating justice & humanity. May everyone affected by this tragedy get solace, peace and the sense of ONENESS & SUPPORT that...yes...we INDIAN as a nation are all united ..
regardless of the languages we speak,
races we belong to,
colors & shades our skin is toned to
ethnicity as it has transcended from our traditons
like never before...we adore ONE HUMANITY - ONE NATION - ONE WORLD.