Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ripleys believe it or not- Satyam

The satyam saga is still haunting every one of us who belong to fraternity of computer geeks. With Rs 7000 crores siphoned money, now the honorable CEO says that he was lying for consequtive 8 years and cheating with 50,000 employees fate. Its not the one Ramalinga, but the group of conmen who have stabbed the shining of Indian corporate world.
The utter shame is that the rhino skinned government says that it cannot arrest Ramalinga Raju. I was looking at the way C B Bhave was uttering what action SEBI can take action against the fraudulent. Sir your word speaks for your action. At least say something which could give hope to everyone that yes Satyam chapter will not be alike story of Harshad Mehta or another Telgi. I have never noticed any one speaking with the vibe like Kiran Bedi speaks when she was in public service or when she is service of public now. Just a bit of that if not more.
Alas, our Commerce and Industry minister Kamalnath ji says that government can only look at the regulatory part not at the corporate governance. Sir, I have a simple question for you: How long you will keep your answers ready which serve your interest best. When it comes to money collection for election campaign all the political parties are equally hell bent in front of corporate houses,so it would be equal to living in fools paradise if you could talk honesty at all. No wonder Ramalinga chapter will be closed like any another finance fraud of the past. Don’t take me as perfectionist. But at least have a reasonable quotient of it, please.
If you fail once in study, you will get second chance to prove yourself. Your parents will not hesitate to disclose and give you public humiliation for betterment so that your failure can turn into success. If it had been for one or two years, acceptable… but not for eight years of dark lie, this has caused a big dent on the image of IT industry. Here the failure, repeated for consecutively for last 8 years kept muted and you say your company board members or ICAI was not known about it. It was only in your acknowledgement. Are you telling this story to Ram Gopal Verma?
For me you are criminal, who have killed dreams of many youths and haven’t even thought once that how you could sleep by giving sleepless nights to 50000 dreamers. 
I cannot name the all but certainly the partners in crime are without any doubt are greedy human beings either in political sphere, corporate sphere or few in auditors world. The pollution has started from the black sheep who are sitting in white clothes to the big circular house in Raisina Road. So now accept the truth of dying honestly at a greater rate then the rate of global warming which will cause earlier demise of humanity if not of the human being. Let’s accept it even though with closed eyes.
You are entitled to exercise your right to agree and disagree with my opinion.
Its high time to rethink and revitalize the basics of running a successful house, family or corporate, which are same as they were at their birth, with a tangible amount of honesty.

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